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For solopreneur creatives
& 1:1 Service Providers

The proven method to get found and hired by your ideal clients without bustin’ your guts or selling your soul!

More leads, more clients… 

And more time in your zone of genius doing your best work and getting paid to go it.

Is this you?

You’re good at your job. (C’mon.Yes you are.)

You can DO this work. When you get a client you do great things together. You’re in flow, you feel confident. It’s all clicking.

But you struggle to GET the work.

Some things have worked in the past, but you can’t seem to get enough people interested. At least not enough people at any one time to get you to the income to know you could reach. Not enough to scale up in the way you’ve seen others doing online.

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I get booked up months in advance and when I get enquiries people already have a really good understanding of what I stand for and what I offer and they’re already really keen to start a project with me.

Working with Claire has made such a difference to my business.”


Claire who?

Hi, I’m Claire 👋 

I want to help you show up for your clients in every step of their path to you so that they are READY to HIRE YOU. 

If you’d like to

  • create (or optimise) your website for better lead generation
  • use email marketing to get more calls booked
  • create valuable content that creates connection with potential clients
  • launch campaigns that get you ideal clients

that is what I do. It’s what I’ve helped over 300 people to do.

Show up s

The tools and support you need to show up online, get found and hired by your ideal clients.

Strategy that suits you as an individual

Live calls with Claire ( + guest experts) to help you define and implement an online strategy that helps you get clients.

Always get your questions answered by people who have already scaled up to 10K months and beyond.  

Inbox accountability & support

All support is through your inbox. There is NO time-draining Facebook, Slack or Circle Group! Groups are great for engagement, but they ultimately serve the group leader more than the members. Distraction is the enemy of focus. I want you to show up on calls. Be fully present for that time. Then get to work.

Resource vault

THIS IS NOT ANOTHER BLOATED COURSE!  This is my entire operations manual of really targeted exercises, templates and scripts. 

Sample lessons:

  • How to show up in a way that attracts clients
  • How to define services your ideal clients will want to buy
  • How to get leads on calls
  • How to convert leads into paying clients
  • How to stay true to your natural strengths and core values in the process!

The Nitty Gritty

  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Lifetime access to the Resource vault
  • Email support and accountability
  • Monthly 1:1 deep dive sessions with Claire.

More visibility, more clients, less overwhelm… this way

Let’s make sure this is right for you.
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If you’re having trouble finding availability on the calendar that works for you, please email me at

Kind words from past clients

Setting goals that align with your lifestyle – a total game changer.

I love this approach to defining goals – taking one’s personal life into account. The weekly calls are both fun and interesting.  Claire is very willing to share her own mistakes and experiences if it helps shine a light on someone else’s situation. She is also an active listener and has a special talent for helping people spark ideas quickly!

Graphic designer

I know exactly what to do to and have the tools to do it. I’m building my profile as the go-to person in my field. All without being overwhelmed.

I was never overwhelmed and each element just felt like a simple next step to take. It was amazing what I was able to create in such a short time.


I had aha moments about what is missing from my strategy!

Claire can meet you wherever you are and guide you to wherever you want to go, by both supporting you and challenging you (in ideal proportions!). 

Counsellor and coach

Claire is a sheer joy to work with. She really gets things. Very clear, very structured, highly knowledgeable, a wonderful collaborator and yet fun, smiley, (a little bit nerdy about tech . . I guess you need that) and easy to work with. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


I’ve never felt so seen and heard, as well as encouraged. My strategy feels fully aligned with my core values.

I loved working with Claire! She is an expert on all things online marketing & strategy, a tech genius but also a warm, empathetic and creative lady, with a great sense of humor and brilliant listening skills.

Mental Health Specialist

I was really unsure about where to focus my limited time and energy for my new venture, and unsure about what the best and most realistic first steps should be. 

The coaching was really helpful to think about how to get things moving in a sustainable way with a view to long-term success. I also better understand how to unite the various things I want to do, and various target audiences for them, in my one professional identity. I’ve also relaxed into the idea of taking time to build something that supports my long-term goals, rather than needing to have it all done and working perfectly right now (Impossible!)

Author and illustrator

Working with Claire was such a breath of fresh air. I could tell her my ideas in my own words, and she would find clarity in the confusion, and come back with something that was everything I’d been imagining, and more. Claire is truly gifted at what she does.